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Searching Office Space in Dubai

Have you been flipping through those property ads off late for an office space ? Then remember what you narrow down on, adds to the significance of your business. Not only does a work space influence the day to day operations and boosts staff morale. So,it is incredibly crucial for your brand image.

The paradisaical work space can either make or break your business . It’s not all that simple to identify a perfect premise at a modest price, especially if you are new to property-hunting . So, it’s important to take time before you choose one. Recently Inc. survey indicates the start-up sector soaring by over 150 percent since past 5 years. This has resulted in the need for cost -effective and flexible work space and lease or rent options.

There are an array of factors that can impact which work space you select; nonetheless we have identified 3 notable factors that are absolutely vital to the entire process. Turn a blind eye to one them and you could end up thwarted.

A Friendly Neighborhood

If office spaces looks low -priced , it often comes with a lot of trouble. Find out for yourself ; is the neighborhood safe ? Your employees and clients visiting your office should not be thinking twice. So look for an area that holds a good reputation . Your staff spends over and above 8 -9 hours a day in the work space , ensuring the neighborhood is safe should top the priority list of an employer. Chew over the route employees will take to and fro and by public transport or if its a short walk to the office.

Its always advisable to pull together a complete travel plan to find out alternative routes for your employees and guests . If you are in a fix making such plans , then location may not be a wise choice. Furthermore , your staff has errands that they would want to run during lunch hours or post lunch . So zero in on a work space that are close to department stores , shopping centers , pharmacy ,banks and so on. Identifying an office space in an area popular as a hot spot for budding entrepreneurs can have a significant impact on how your employees and guests perceive your firm and not to forget on hiring too.

The infrastructure

Employees would never enjoy walking into an un-poised environment ,and your guests are no different. So make sure the building you are moving in is secure. It’s worth inquiring if there are any long -term maintenance work scheduled for the near future as no one wants to move into noisy premises. Additionally, reach out to other tenants in the building to know about the service quality. If your employees are expected to work outside normal work hours make sure the building offers 24 -hours security access . Consider an office space that rents out individual parking spaces important for your employees and clients. Stay away from the buildings that houses your competitors.

Enough Space For All

Hire a reputed design firm to carry out a test fit before you narrow down on an office property. That way you will know the exact amount of work space you are getting for your business operations. Entrepreneurs need to double-check on how much flexibility you have to transform your space. Ask the property owner about the restrictions. Check the acoustics of the internal space. An echoing space can be very uncomfortable to work in,” says Kelly. And be sure to consider the external sound, too. And, if you are planning to divide the space (even temporarily), are there enough outlets, windows, heating units, etc., Finally, it’s an obvious one, but if you’re hoping for growth, then make sure that there is enough space to grow.

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